Line Lead (Hammond)

Job Title:  Line Lead

Job Location:  Hammond, IN

Job Type: Temp-to-Hire

Shift: TBD and work overtime when needed.

Salary: $16.00-18.00/Hour – pay increase shortly after


  • PTO
  • Holiday Pay
  • Health Insurance

Job Description:

  • Have open communication with the team.
  • Check the schedule of the day.
  • Enforce safety.
  • Punch people in and out to work orders properly.
  • Plan and organize according to schedule.
  • Indicate to each team member what their responsibilities are on every single job being ran.
  • Have the set ups ready (when a packing work order is done through take off).
  • When processing a PACK-level job, must have all documentation necessary. (You have access to global shop, therefor you are responsible for pulling your own documents).
  • Label the material properly.
  • Request the material in advance to be ready when the parts are ready to pack.
  • Check quality before packing the pieces.
  • Make sure all parts are labeled with their corresponding tags
  • Throughout the completion of a job assure that counts are correct.
  • Throw the cardboard into the compactor.
  • Keep the area clean, daily.
  • Pick up the hooks and bundle them in accordance to size.
  • Enter the right quantities in the system as soon as the last piece goes in the box (CANNOT wait until the end of the day).
  • Fill out work orders properly on a timely manner.
  • Fill out the QC report properly on a timely manner.
  • Tight the pallet properly.
  • Move the finish goods to the designated area as soon as pallet is wrapped (to avoid blocking work area).
  • Keep the garage supply organized
  • TAG properly and move non-conforming parts to MRB.


  • High school diploma or GED and technical training preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous experience with assembly and packing is preferred.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish is preferred.
  • Basic math skills.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Must possess leadership qualities and an ability to promote and encourage a positive attitude and work environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to plan, schedule and prioritize work to be performed in order to meet deadlines.
  • Heavy lifting 50+lbs and walking.

Apply today or call 219-803-6072 for more information.

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