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Veterans Christian Network and Total Staffing Solutions Team Up to Help Homeless Veteran’s

New Illinois Non-Profit, and Illinois Employment Agency team up to help put Veteran’s back to work!

With great pleasure and gratitude, we are proud to announce that Total Staffing Solutions, Inc. has partnered with the Veteran’s Christian Network to help provide veterans and their families with a variety of services.

We hope to help them get back on their feet and move towards a new life. Veterans have dedicated their lives to serving us, it’s only right to provide service to them in return.

The partnership between Veteran’s Christian Network and Total Staffing Solutions will help support the mission of helping Veterans find employment opportunities to get them living on their own again.

Total Staffing Solutions and Veteran’s Christian Network will connect Veteran’s with potential career opportunities that will benefit their skill sets and expand their experience.

Total Staffing Solutions will also provide resume services to Veteran’s Christian Network, as well as look to local partners to provide other value-added services that may not be available to Veteran’s on their own. This includes financial management planning, workplace safety programs and other self-development programs.

Veterans Christian Network is providing hope for homeless Veterans and their families. Total Staffing Solutions wants to help support that mission, and we are proud to stand with Veteran’s Christian Network.

Joseph Gallelli
Total Staffing Solutions

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